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    I'm Philip Miseldine, a PhD student at Liverpool John Moores University. I graduated last year from Northampton with a 1st class BSc in software engineering, and spent the most part of 2003 searching for funding for postgraduate placements.

    Luckily, Liverpool had the faith (and the money!) so I'm now a new researcher in a very exciting department in a very cool city.

    My research is currently at the emerging interest stage, but I'm tagged up with some really great middleware researchers as well as being known as the ".NET guy" in the department. In reality, this means answering the obligatory "What is .NET?" and "Why should I use .NET over J2EE?". It's kinda fun watching eyes widen when I casually drop a [WebMethod] attribute Smiley

    I live in digs 3 streets down from John Lennon's childhood home, so I'm hoping some inspiration will rub off on my frequent walks through Strawberry Fields and down Penny Lane. I can but hope Wink

    In less geeky terms, I do all the student cliches, go to see live music (The Zutons are the next big thing!), drink in pubs, and try very hard to play the guitar (finger picking is just too much for my coordination).

    Keep up the good work fellas Smiley