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    Hello. I am Antti. Long time Linux user and longtime Windows user. Hates the problems, but loves the way things work out. I usually do stuff in Visual C++ 6.0 (yeah it's old, but cannot afford newer and why should I?), but I have started to make friends with KDevelop and GCC. Vim is my prefered text editor. It's fast and easy. I run Linux, Darwin and Windows on my computers as Worstation, Server and for other supporses. Wink

    I am student and I study in local highschool. I have just turned out 18teen and I will get my driver's license soon. Smiley I have blog in my homepage and it's full of stypid things nobody should read. XD

    I usually don't like windowses and I hate them when they don't work, but what I have seen Longhorn it seems to be allright. And I cannot wait it to be released. I just hope that performance and memory managerment have been rewriten in it. Angel (I hope that MS will include the sidebar thought...)

    I write small novels as my hobby some times for fun. I haven't put anyone to net thought. Sad I don't like that people will see that's going inside my head. I draw a lot and I have deviantart page in - visit there if you want to see my bad drawings. I should upload a newer pictures there. All I put there are just old crap I have somehow managed to finish. Big Smile

    I have lots of good ideas and I start projects, but I have a huge problems to finish them. I like to read books, but I usually leave them unfinished. I am nice guy who doesn't know a much about advanced stuff in programming, but is willing to learn some of it. Smiley