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    Bryn Waibel

    Wow, that sounds a little bit like an obituary... Hmm, somehow these things always do

    Well, my actual name is IƱigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die. I only said my name was Bryn Waibel because i thought it would throw you off for a while while i got close to you. Most of the obligatory link information can be found over on the left. I don't spend much time writing a blog or keeping a personal website. When I go home, I spend time with my wife, we cook and do generally anything that gets us outside, any time of year. I dig gadgets in a big way, to a fault, Windows Media Center edition is by far my favorite right now, i absolutely love it. I'll also give a shout out to Rio for making wicked cool mp3 devices.

    I started at Microsoft working on the Windows website team, worked on the IE 5 launch site and the Windows 98 and Professional sites, then I moved to MSDN where i spent what was the majority of my career until my recent 2.5 year bi-annual-versary or what ever it would be called as an SDE in Windows Evangelism. At MSDN, I did not one but two versions of the much hated library including the current one. I also worked on their now replaced ratings system as well as the still in use article comments system. There was more, but i'm boring you, i can tell by the slobber on your desk. This is the intuitive sense you get by being an official "Channel 9 Guy," woo hoo! I've basically been here since college so you could say I was born at Microsoft, but that makes me mad, so please don't.

    I sure hope you guys enjoy Channel9 and get something worthwhile out of it, I know I have so far, Thanks