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    I'm Nicholas Sing. A 13 year old kid living in Australia. I've been learning programming for about a year now. When my Dad came home with that Windows 3.1 in 1993 I couldn't get off it!
    We got some dial up internet plan in 1998 and a Windows 98. I was super hooked! All those years without a real computer! Now a days though its great. We keep up with latest gear. And now I have a Windows XP Pro in my room hooked up with a Broadband internet connection. And the good old VS.NET 2003. I'm also gonna get take this Microsoft Engineers course next year. And I'm also going to help out a friend of ours by helping him fix computers.
    Anyway enough with computers I have other life too. I have a younger brother named Bradley. And of course I have a Mum and Dad.
    I play a Saxaphone as an instrument. And have been learning it since the start of this year.
    The programming languages I learn are C#.NET and VB.NET well I used to learn VB 6 but I gave it up after I got VS.NET. Other than programming on the computer I like to play computer games such as Warcraft 3 and Unreal Tournament 2004 against other people online.
    Sometimes I use my Gameboy Advance but mostly its used when I help other kids get through there games. And then at the end the say they haven't cheated. Well they used my help and thats kind of cheating.
    I listen to Rock and Alternative music on my Sony Walkman. Listening to mostly Linkin Park and Lifehouse.