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    To start - My name is Randy DeForest.  I have been a geek for most of my life, but professionally for about 13 years.

    I wrote my first BASIC program over a tel-terminal connected to the University of New Mexico in 1981.  Huge program the calculated how many days old you are.

    Moved on to Apple II+, mostly working with bulletin boards and gaming.

    I started my professional geek career getting caught hacking the company inventory control software.(I didn't like the interface). The boss gave me two choices, re-write it for real or be fired! I took the former.

    I was fortunate to be able to work on some cutting edge stuff, bi-directional radio communications(similar to the two-way pagers of today - only MUCH larger), radio bar-code scanners, and EDI.

    From there designed and implemented a data warehouse solution for a very large industrial supply company.

    After being 'down sized', I moved over the construction industry to write some operational software.

    Gave a shot at running my own firm for a couple of years. Too much work for one guy. The market in Phoenix is/was pretty saturated with small software/any thing you need companies. 

    Now I am back in the corporate world - writing code for health care insurance. Everything from EDI to browser based apps. I have been here for four years. I am luck to work in an organization that keeps close to the technology edge.

    That’s me.