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    Well my name is Henning and i work as a developer for a SAP shop. Actually using Abap Objects and some C# with the SAP.NET Connector. I'm so sorry but i have to switch my C# programming to Java and J2EE in the next year because this is the main dev plattform for the next decade of SAP. But i will use C# and some VB.NET for my private stuff.

    Starting with Cobol and Clipper 16 years ago (i'm 36 now) i switched my programming languages to Clarion and Visual FoxPro in the mid 90's. 1999 i decided to work for a software company in Israel. Magic Software. Working as an SW Engineer with Magic's eDeveloper (one of the best tools i've worked with in my carrer).

    Now i'm back working for a German software company in the SAP Area as an application developer.

    In my rare free time i'm doing some Wing Tsun (a chinese Martial Art) and there is a girl fried and a cat who want's also their part of my life.

    Greetings from Germany