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    A private sole from Pennsylvania that at one time offered his time to help out behind the scenes in a small way as a support member.

    Thankfully it is beyond the 5 year NDA period and I can freely talk about all of the nice folks that spent at minimum of 10 hours each week making the Zone an enjoyable place.

    Online gaming is just a lot of fun!  It was the game-cheating that drove me away from that arena more than a year ago. (sad day it 'twas for me)

    That's as officially affiliated with M.S. as I have gotten to date.

    Now, I program in different technologies than are not the mainstay of this Website;however, I am drawn to those that seek to improve themselves.  These forums here are just the sort of fertile ground that I tromp in my quest to expand my knowledge on any given subject.

    You can find me cracking a lame joke or in the middle of a deep discussion on various topics over at Indigo Rose's forums (link not supplied to keep the hackles down).

    I have experienced so much in life so far and I am excited at where the entire computer related (hardware and software) market segments are heading!

    Each thing I learn... is a stepping stone to the next thing I will learn.  To me... it's all related eventually, on some level.

    That's it for this private sole in Pennsylvania.