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    Hello!  I'm Jon Schwartz, TheSchwartz part of Morrison Schwartz. 

    I'm a former Microsoftie, and before during and after that I've been focused on MS developer tools and technologies - cause they're the best available.  

    My company is a software development and consulting with an office near Redmond and one near Research Triangle Park in North Carolina.  We are MS Certified Partners and vendors to MS.

    We offer 35 freeware developer tools, components and libraries for download on our company site, all built for .NET or MSDE/SQL work.  About a third are open C# source as well as freeware.  Highlights:

    - Extensible add-in for the VS.NET IDE
    - Script generator for SQL schema and data
    - Plugin library makes plugins easy
    - Compression library doubles IIS performance
    - Web chat component without ActiveX or Java

    If you look, you'll find cool stuff to use.  If you do, please help spread the word about them.


    Jon Schwartz
    Morrison Schwartz