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    I'm Jordan Kapp. Third year Secondary School student at Stratford Central Secondary School in Ontario, Canada.

    Inside of school, I'm majoring in Sciences (including CS), and minoring in Arts. I'm an avid member of the robotics team as well as the music department (1 Music course, 1/2 Credit Band course, and Music Council).
    Outside of school, my calling is in Aviation. I'm currently in the 19th Squadron Air cadets. After 5 months of Ground school and successfuly passing the flight exam, I have the prerequisites to complete the pilots licensing. I have also spent 4 months on the rifle team, acheiving Marksman 1st class status. After graduation, I aspire to join the Air Force to be a fighter pilot.

    Outside of school and cadets, there is programming and gaming. I am part-time developing a game (currently under NDA). I program in C/C++ and BASIC. I also know XHTML and CSS for construcing webpages. Except for the BASIC, its all self taught.

    As for gaming, most hours are spent on Counter-Strike. I'm addicted to it despite the fact I'm really terrible at it.