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    My name is Nick and I am a Software Developer / Database Administrator for a call center located in Ft. Lauderdale Florida.

    I started out my career learning basic in school, then moved up to visual basic 6, and now i work with C# on a daily basis (For both work and personal projects). I prefer C# over VB.NET because C# looks better (I like the brackets).

    I am also the Database Administrator / Developer and work mostly with MS SQL 2000 with some MySQL on the side. I guess Database development is what i do best/

    In my off time, i like working on my house, playing husband and spending time with our dog. I used to enjoy online gaming, but put that on hold until World of Warcraft come out. 

    My main focus now is learning Managed DirectX and working with it more and more. Soon i will also take my tested to become an MCAD in C#.