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    Hello World,

    My name is Timo. I live in Finland and I'm a developer working for a big Finnish IT company.
    I got my first computer about 20 years ago (VIC 20) and quite soon after that I moved to Commodore 64. Last 11 years I have been using PC's and I was introduced to Internet in 1994.

    I have 4 years of programming experience, I started out with first with VbScript/ASP and the last two have been more or less involved with .NET. I'm currently making a switch from VB.NET to C#, but I intend to learn them both. My goal is to pass at least one MCP exam this year (whether it's C# or VB) and eventually have the MCAD certification.

    I'm really excited about .NET (and other Microsoft products used in Web development) in general and I try to keep up with the pace by reading books, visiting developer Web sites, reading blogs and RSS feeds and of course, doing the coding itself.

    Although computers fill most of my time I have other hobbies like running, cycling, snowboarding, going to gym, listening to music, XBox, watching movies, hanging out with my friends ...