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Notepad bug?

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    When using Ctrl-S to save a document in Notepad, I've noticed that sometimes after saving the cursor gets "stuck" in its current location, and you cannot use the arrow keys to move past that point (unless you close out Notepad).  It does not happen all the time, and I never had it happen before on systems prior to XP.  Has anybody else seen this?  Were significant coding changes made to Notepad?  I wasn't going to say anything, but since it has now happened on two separate XP systems I have used (Home and Pro), I was wondering if anybody else noticed a similar glitch.

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    Jeremy W

    I hadn't noticed... But then I find the ALT key more natural, so I tend to do ALT+F+S anyways (though I do CTRL+O ... weird).

    I've just tested it out half a dozen times on different docs on different XP systems (both pro though) and didn't experience this.

    Sorry Sad

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    I have noticed the same issue, too. The problem only appears when you have Wrap Text option enabled, so that the text from one row is wrapped down to multiple logical rows if it does not fit into the width of the Notepad window.

    I think it's definately a bug in the current version of Notepad (the older versions did not have Ctrl+S, maybe somewhere there is the bug entry point - just guesing).

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