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    Hey everyone,

    I've just signed up to Channel 9 and I thought I'd introduce myself to your fine selves.

    My name is Luke and I live in South East England. I commute into London every day to go to work as an IT Manager for a company that makes CDs, DVDs, records etc.

    Actually, although my job title is IT Manager, it's more accurate to call me the IT Department as nobody else does anything to do with computers. This means that I do everything technical from the network to fixing computers that have crashed but mostly software development for internal use and for our customers.

    At the moment I'm still living in the past with VB6, as some of our PCs are running NT4. However, I'm in the process of moving to .NET, possibly forsaking VB for C#...not yet decided.

    I can;t remember where I first heard of this Channel 9 thing but I'm liking it so far....

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    Do you know keskoos?

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    Jeremy W

    Good stuff, welcome Luke Smiley

    I can relate to your position, having been in it 3 times already.

    Enjoy poking around Smiley

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    It doesn't matter much now, but the appropriate thread for that one is

    .Net is great for internal apps, but when it comes to distributing your app I still find .net a headache, because it requires 20-30MB download.

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    HELLO! Welcome. VB is current, .Net is the future. Smiley

    Seems a lot of people are moving from VB6 to C#, including me.. I think its because people can't stand

    Also if your the 'Computing Dept' you should be getting more money Wink

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