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Longhorn Features Getting Cut?

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    I posted this over on my blog this morning, but wanted to bring it over here to discuss as well.

    First, here's the Business Week article that kicked it off.

    Here's the Slashdot thread.

    Here's my weblog post

    Ahh, lots of stuff here. And my IM is going crazy as people all over the world react to this news and ask me for more information. Everyone wants to know "is WinFS really getting cut?"

    Answer: no and yes.

    The past three months have been very tough on the Longhorn team. Why? Well, you have to look at the stages of developing a product. Right now we're in the "moving from a dream to a real product" stage. Dreams are always more fantastic than what you can possibly ship in the next 500 working days or so. Plus, at the PDC we showed our plans to you and you told us what's really important to do in Longhorn. In some cases that didn't match up to our assumptions. That, and execs, investors, and customers are telling us "ship ship ship ship." So, we focused for the past few months on "what will it take to ship in a reasonable amount of time?"

    Whenever you design a software product (whether it's Radio UserLand, or Microsoft Windows) at some point you move from dreaming about what you'd like to do to actually working on implementing.

    I've been watching WinFS, for instance. It is one of the most important features in Longhorn. But their ideas were too big to ship in the next 500 working days. So, they needed to cut back the dream a bit.

    Now, why don't I just tell you how much it's getting cut back? Well, I'm still trying to figure it out. It's still a process that's in flux. I don't want to set expectations that might change later.

    Actually, this is one reason we showed Longhorn off so early. The PDC attendees and others in the Longhorn newsgroups told us what's important to do. That feedback is being used in a big way to help the teams decide what goes in and what gets pushed off to a future release.

    On Channel9 we'll take you inside the various Longhorn teams to get you a view into this process and ask the tough questions about what Longhorn will look like when it's done.

    Anyway, the real story hasn't been written yet on Longhorn. It's a bumpy ride right now. Fasten your seatbelts as we go through this turbulent stage. I'm sure there'll be even more stories that'll come soon about things that are happening on Longhorn.

    Oh, one other thing, Longhorn is a wave of products, not just one thing. I can't talk too much about that right now, but there are many different versions of Longhorn. Client. Server. Tablet. And maybe even more.

    Actually, Joe Wilcox, of Microsoft Monitor, is right. Let's all focus on Windows XP Service Pack 2. That's something major that's going to ship this summer. Why is it important? Well, look at the latest virus problem to go around. If everyone had XPSP2 it wouldn't be a problem at all. We need help testing XPSP2, finding the bugs, fixing them, and informing users about what's good and bad in XPSP2. All the rest of this stuff is interesting drama, but won't affect any of our lives until next year at the earliest.

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    Amen Robert.

    The BusWeek article shows an amazing lack of understanding about the process of software development. Of course, if MSFT had attempted to cram everything in, QA would have been sacrificed and Mr. greene would have been the first to complain that Redmond's reach exceeded its grasp.

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    If the Business Week E-mail quote about WinFS is true.....what is the point of having a WinFS file system that can't be used across a network.

    Is WinFS intended to store a couple dozen of your Grandmothers digital camera snapshots ???
    400,000 business documents a day in an enterprise business process ???

    The world wonders......

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    That quote from Business Week is entirely mystifying to me. WinFS still has many networking scenarios that are still planned to ship in Longhorn. Certainly not every scenario you could possibly imagine over a network (enterprise or other) but many common ones will.

    WinFS will support some great features for your grandmother's digital camera. It will also find its way into more and more enterprise scenarios, both in Longhorn and beyond. If I were building a 400k/day doc mgt system right now, I'd use Yukon. But when we get WinFS server versions I think I'd probably switch pretty fast.

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    Did you REALLY need to post in an old topic to reply to out of date information?

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    narc wrote:

    I think WinFS is going down the tubes.

    Welcome to last year, narc.  WinFS Beta 1 is already out.  Get with the times.

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