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Any news about a Sparkle CTP? Is Manuel Clement around?

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    I wonder whether the new year gives us a Sparkle CTP? Now that all of us (I guess everybody has watched it, or?) have watched the Sparkle team designing outstanding Vista UIs, I can't wait to play with the first CTP soon.

    Manuel, if you're around, any news on this? Smiley

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    Not that you asked for it, but I'll guesstimate that there is a small group outside MS using some build of that already under NDA. For why they chose not to do a more public CTP yet, there may be several reasons.

    One could be that since WPF is still getting refined, if they did public CTP then that would probably lag behind the latest WinFX CTP and MS has learned to avoid doing such releases since all the cry about them in the past year. People who are interested in that could easily be running latest WinFX and then when Sparkle CTP comes out it needs some older WinFX they already got rid off.

    I could be all wrong but that's certainly a possibility.

    As for guesses.. in 3 months is quite safe guess probably. (or a bit after Vista Beta 2 which most people are likely to be running)

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    I am around, just super busy. I will be posting Sparkle / Expression Interactive Designer news on my blog as soon as I can... Stay tuned!

    For now I am sure you have noticed that you can get the "Cider" editor with the December CTP of WinFX and Windows SDK.


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