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View Thread: Ten Reasons Why You Should Date a Geek
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    Manip wrote:
    Karim, it isn't about the content it is about the packaging. If I had posted the original article a fair few people wouldn't have wasted ten minutes trying to read it; however a nice clean bulletin point list will grab MOST people's attention.

    That's completely subjective.  It certainly didn't take me ten minutes to read Maryam's original post.  I didn't think his "repackaging" someone else's content was an improvement in this case -- apparently you did.

    I would have minded less that he ruined a perfectly funny post by Maryam if he had put a little more effort into attribution.  He could have linked to Maryam's original post.  How hard is it to put in a hyperlink?  He could have just linked to her blog's main page.  He could have also referred to her by name instead of referring to her as the wife of "Roberst Scoble," and not even spelling that right.

    He wrote "I made a list" -- man, that was like hearing William Hung butcher the song "Rocket Man," and then hearing him claim he wrote the song.