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Ten Reasons Why You Should Date a Geek

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    An_Angel wrote:
    In my defence all I have done is a response to counter act them, if you guys want to do one that is based on a female geek then go for it.  I'd love to hear 10 reasons to date a geek and 10 reasons not to date a geek (from the male view point) 

    I think you will find the others were all written by females having dated male geeks.  So lets see it the other way round.

    I'm not going to bite!

    (getting on moral high horse) I don't like generalisations! Tongue Out:P:P

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    These guys are true geeks.

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    Google video.

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    has anyone seen beauty and the geek (2) in america?

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    Colin Angus Mackay

    Jaz wrote:
    has anyone seen beauty and the geek (2) in america?

    I saw one episode of that (not the US version admittedly) and I wasn't impressed. Some Tory fanboy won the show and I wouldn't equate being a "Tory fanboy" with being a geek.

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    Jaz wrote:
    has anyone seen beauty and the geek (2) in america?

    Surely you mean "Busty and the geek" there's no real "beauty" on that show.

    Just loadsa shallow women wanting 15 minutes of fame, and geeks wanting 15 minutes of love Tongue Out

    I was forced into watching it by an ex :\ (ironically)

    If Blackberrys are addictive cellphones, Channel9 is the ultimate addictive website.
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    WTF!? How old's that? Just had a look at the date... Expressionless

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    The irony to you actually commenting on this post is that today I noticed that there is now a Ten Reasons Not to Date a Geek facebook group... Now I did write the original on that one... but who on earth thought it deserved a facebook group of it's very own I have no idea!  It's just crazy...

    I don't think the people who set up the group even knew where the original came from... viral marketing...

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