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VB.Net + C# code in one project?

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    I read on another board that adding the ability to move VB.Net and C# modules into one project is being considered. I am curious about what everyone else thinks about this suggestion? Would it make .Net code more portable or simple act to confuse projects?

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    I'm not sure how much of a difference it would really make. As it is you can create a class in one language and use it in a program written in a different language. You can even create a new class in C# that inherits a class written in VB and use the new class in a J# program. You can put all the classes in one solution (individual projects in different languages) so they all compile together as well.

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    Jeremy W

    I was going to say basically what Alfred said, but didn't want to assume too much as it's been a few months since I did any .NET development.

    The strength of .NET, and the reason I switched to it was the multi-lingual capabilities.

    In fact, when our team (at my last job) first switched we had one J# guy, a C# guy (previously C++), a VB.NET guy and a guy who used Borland's Delphi extension.

    It worked great. Over time everyone switched to C# for standardization and ease of documentation (I also 'pushed' them a little because I dind't want to have to maintain a J# position). But, everything always worked great together.

    It's definitely one of my favourite things about .NET, because it eliminates most people's biggest fear: learning a new language. They just need to learn the Framework (and the IDE, but VS.NET makes both of these incredibly easy).

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