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Mono Project: Any serious work being done still?

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    Just wondering. I just installed Fedora Core 4 in a virtual machine.. Went to the mono page..

    * Miguel has a status of Mono that's 2 months old.
    * .NET Framework 2.0 is still being listed as "not being finalized".

     I saw a few things listed in January 2006, I just wonder how the project is going.

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    I think there still is. I read his blog and he made some metion on how cool it was that Fedora was going to have Mono installed by default? Look for his blog and see what is going on there

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    Sven Groot

    Mono 1.1.13 was released yesterday, January 11th. Strangely enough the news isn't on the front page of, but it is in the RSS feed. Perplexed

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    Well, the status report is barely a couple of months old, so there is no reason to get worried about. 

    The best way of keeping track of the internals of the project is to subscribe to the mono-patches mailing list, which will give you an idea of what is going on.

    Another option is to read the blog aggregator.

    A few things we have been working on in the last few weeks:

    • A new IR represetation for the JIT, necessary to get the most out of many of optimization frameworks that we developed (HSSA and GNVPRE).
    • A new "tree mover" used in the JIT which reduces the complexity of the internal IR, this makes the job of the register allocator simpler.  Code paths that produced horrible code with inlining (expansions that would turn into a 13 instruction monster are now reduced to 3 instructions, eliminating a lot of the spills and reloads that we generated).
    • Work on the infrastructural bits that support ASP.NET 2 (System.Configuration is a large beast).
    • A lot of bug fixing everywhere, we are trying to respond quickly to all the bugs that people are reporting to ensure that Mono keeps its good reputation as a development platform.   Fix bugs, implements features later kind of thing.
    • We are still waiting on the Windows.Forms team to complete.  The code is feature complete, and now the hard work of getting as many applications working has begun.  It works reasonably well, and some contributors are developing the OSX driver, a bunch of themes (Themes are implemented in C#) and native integration with Gnome and KDE on Linux.
    • A new module that allows Mono to use the Linux kernel oprofile system.
    • Our new GC is still underway, and we still hope to have an experimental chunk of code checked in to SVN soon.
    • MonoDevelop just got support for built-in editing of Glade projects (the GUI designer that we use for Gtk#).  Now instead of being an external tool, its integrated just like Winforms editing is integrated into VisualStudio.
    • A number of pieces from Google's summer of code are being integrated.  The bug finger now is part of "Gendarme" a tool that we originally developed to assist us in sprinkling CAS support into mono, and now has evolved into a general purpose bug-finding, FxCop-like tool.
    Its busy over in Mono land.


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    Uh... really?

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