leighsword wrote:
ZippyV wrote:
leighsword wrote:ADO+ framework, GDI+ framework, Web framework, XML framework

System.Data = ADO+
System.Drawing = GDI+
System.Web = Web framework (asp.net)
System.XML = XML framework

WinFX (including Avalon and Indigo) is part of .NET and will also get their own namespace like the previous technologies.

Thanks, it's very clear.
Another question is, why I need depoly a whole .NET framework redistributable package when I won't using System.XML namespace, and why I don't need depoly the WPF(Avalon) & WCF(Indigo) packeage when I won't using System.Avalon namespace.

i am fairly certain is it impossible to run a .NET application without System.XML, since all the machine and app configuration files are XML.