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View Thread: What is Microsoft Going To Do About Spyware?
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    Jeremy W. wrote:
    ... most viruses and spyware these days are brought in through User Choice

    I would have agreed with you until last Friday, when I got hit with a variant of the WinPup / AdClick trojans - simply by viewing a web page. No security warning, no download prompt.

    The virus managed to get past both IE6 and my anti-virus software, install itself in several places, replace the Windows Media Player executable and prevent WFP from restoring it.

    This was on an XP SP1 / IE6 SP1 machine, with all critical updates installed, and the IE security settings locked down extremely tight.

    If I could remember which site the virus came from, I would be inclined to report this as a security problem with IE6, but after spending the day disinfecting my computer, I can't even remember what I was looking for in the first place.