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Microsoft's 2006 according to Cringely

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    "Microsoft still sucks at security and users suffer for it. My best guess is they are planning on putting all this new technology in the "next" operating system, which seems to be yet another year behind schedule. The important question the world will soon be asking -- "Do we need another Windows operating system?" In 2006, Windows XP gets another service pack and/or facelift. Nothing more."

    Now Bob is a tiny bit of a Linux zealot and I don't take him altogether seriously, but he generally has a good record with predictions. He knows things we don't.

    Still, no Vista, sucking at security, do we need windows?

    What do the good niners make of these predictions?

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    I'd question the "sucking at security" bit. Not that Microsoft doesn't have security flaws, but it's not alone. Another point is that "it only takes one unpatched flaw to compromise a system". We'll find more flaws in Windows, as we will in all other systems.

    I'd take a "wait and see" approach with Vista. I think it will be great, and not readily adopted.

    As to the "Do we really need windows", I think that will be a question people will start asking themselves. Firefox is a great example of that. Also, as more companies switch from Office to something else (say OO), people will start wanting to use that at home. Shoot, my wife has a PC only because she uses a PC at work. She said she'd rather have a Mac, but wants to stay consistent with what she works with. Makes some sense to me.

    Time will tell. But one thing I will predict, It will "not be the year of Linux on the Desktop". Every year someone says that, and it never happens.

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    First of all, What do you mean by Good niner?  I doubt Cringely is right.  Last year he said Linux and Apple would aquire at least 10% of Marketshare apeice.  It never happened.  I disagree with him on whether Vista will be ready by the Q4 2006.  What I do question is Microsofts ability to push upgrades and how fast people will upgrade to Windows Vista.  I doubt adoption will be that great.

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    Hmmm.  I have to say: who gives half a rat's bum about this guy's opinion?  Sounds mostly full of crap to me.

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    From what I understand from the Podcast from CES.  Microsoft is or has finalized the packaging design for Windows Vista.

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