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Learning Fedora Core 4

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    Does anyone have any good book recommendations on learning Fedora Core 4? Specifically, I'd like a book which speaks to a reader very familiar with windows, a small amount of Unix (like, I can use Emacs somewhat and I can navigate a directory from a command line and that's about it).

    Just want to expand my horizons a bit.

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    I think you might find it hard to get a book like that, I had a quick search on a well known bookstore and there's nothing much there

    If you want to expand your horizons...  ....take LSD.

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    Linux for Dummies

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    UlsterFry wrote:
    I think you might find it hard to get a book like that, I had a quick search on a well known bookstore and there's nothing much there

    If you want to expand your horizons...  ....take LSD.

    I thought I've read about a book written for Windows Users to learn Linux (not distro specific), but that's written in Chinese.

    Not knowing if that's translation work of a English version...

    But I find the following link would be a good start:

    It shouldn't really matter whether it's Mandriva or Fedora Core because they both uses RPM package management. If you can't find the utilities/commands present, you can always search, download and install from a RPM package. (Note that Mandriva specific RPMs have word "mdk" in it.)

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    Sam's (I've always found their books to be good) offers a Fedora Core 4 specific book titled Fedora Core 4 Unleashed. It's received all favorable reviews on It covers installation, desktop usage, server usage, and developer usage.

    In my experience, unlike programming, just using the operating system seems to be the best teacher. I had wanted to use Linux for almost a year before I installed it and even then I barely touched it over three months. I started using Linux because there was one particular program I wanted to run. In the process I learned a bunch about it. For me it was generally: 1) try what I thought would work, 2) if it didn't work, check the man page, 3) Google.

    To add to that, having it installed (either on the hardware or on a virtual machine) is very essential because it gets you acquainted with the Linux installation process and teaches you about maintaining a system. Playing with LiveCDs won't really help you learn it in most cases.

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    ... but installing a live CD to disk and trying to get it to the state of a full Linux distribution is (but I digress).

    I agree with TimP about the Sam's book.  I read their book about Red Hat Linux 9 (Before they stopped making desktop Linux under that name) and found it quite useful.  However, using it is the best teacher, and you should also thoroughly aquaint yourself with the built-in online help systems (man, info, and your desktop manager's help system) because they can be a great resource--  info especially.

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    Why bother...

    Fedora Core 5 is out
    (in alpha yet). One of our Knowledge Engineers was installing it today...very nice walkthrough. When I get my laptop it's going to be a toss up between FC4/5 and Ubuntu Dapper Drake to run this PC as a web server.

    I have to say though...take good things from Windows and shove them in's starting to look apealing again.

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    Fedora Core 5 is still at least two months away from release. I did install Fedora Core 5 test 2 on VMware the other day and the new theme is beautiful, although I'm not too keen on the new bubbly 1960s logo.

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    I like O'Reilly for all books concerning Linux/Unix/Net.

    Try: and you can also try some basic free online howtos concerning installation and/or first_steps into RH4

    RedHat5 isn't finished yet, so don't touch it. This stuff is only for longtime Linuxers and L-Devs...

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