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Lightspeed Systems

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    I've just received two emails marked with "===SPAM===" prepended to the subject line, both from ""

    Initially I thought "pfft, this is spam, they're just marking it as not being spam so that eejits are duped into opening them"

    ...but then I switched to my other mailbox (which is 100% unconnected to the first) and I spotted another email from them with the same format.

    So I opened the message and found this: (IP addresses and email address obscured by myself)

    Lightspeed Email wrote:

    This email was detected as spam and was blocked by Lightspeed Systems. It has been forwarded to you by the automated spam forwarding system.  The reason it was detected as spam is: Spam (Realtime Spam Checker) Content DB IP                       = IP Address: ???.???.224.40.

    If you do not want email from the original sender to be marked as spam in the future just reply to this message.  By replying you will add the original sender to your personal approved sender list, and help us refine our spam blocking.

    Original Sender: jjampolsky@hot????.com

    External IP Address:

    Original Recipient(s): w3b?????

    THe original message was attached.

    Has anyone else been receiving these?

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    not from lightspeed but scoble has been emailing me a few viruses to my hotmail account  hmmm scoble... i think those emails with the subject as "sexy" must of been misdirects.  hehehe

    but it's true does seem to be emailing viruses

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    Yeah i got hit by the Scoblenator too.

    Scoble says; "I"ll be back";
    - Steve

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    Well it's easy to  send an e-mail as somebody else. Even a scriptkiddie is able to do that.

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    Tom Servo

    HELO cuckoo
    Subject: Sup?

    Yer going to Guantanamo, pal!

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    I too was getting the email with payload, but it went stright into my spam jar and the Windows Live Mail Beta refused to open it!

    Has anyone had a problem with the scoble-viruse?

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    Chap, this is so spammy - what dya need? Someone to punch you in the face? "Hello? I am SpamSpamSpam!" 

    I would never had opened that "nospam@blahblah"-email, never ever.

    Try this:

    Accept only emails from people you know/ emails you personally requested. Everything else is junk. (depends on your workplace[H]).

    Also, emails without Verification/Authentification (PublicKey) is not trustworthy.

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