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    CannotResolveSymbol wrote:
    Is it possible to get the same look and feel for controls that you are using, or is that something exclusive to this app?  Just curious.

    At the moment this is specific to this application. I used Sparkle to create these Styles and Templates.

    Create a control (ex. button) > right click > edit template > Edit Copy of Template (to start with "something) or New Template (to start with nothing.

    The docs (F1) explains all this stuff in details - it is fun Smiley ... You can create styles and templates in the page you are on, or in the application -to make them available to all pages across your app.

    You can even create resources like Brushes (colors)... Draw something, create a fill color/brush you like > Properties palette > click on the "Fill" property field label > Make a new resource > name it

    you can then do the same process but choose to use the resource instead of creating one... Then all these will use the same resource fill/brush