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    I accept that people are threatened when someone questions the very essence of this society: greed. property. power.

    I never intended to discuss social, economic and political theory in this forum. But I dared to question our "oh so noble" ethics - blame on me.

    How many billion people have no access to clean water? how many billions of people suffer from illnessess because of poverty and hunger? How high is the death rate among young women and children in 3rd world countries?Why just go after Mycobacterium_tuberculosis? why not Caries dentium, too?

    "Oh see those poor loosers, their bleeding! Give 'em a bandage and let them still starve to death."

    Lets go on ruining their livelihood, by excluding them from world economy, surpressing their economy by import-taxes and dictating the world prices of goods, subsidizing our economy, giving credits to the developing countries and deciding for them where to spend it. Giving money to dictators and wondering why the poor are still poor. Killing farmers and their families while the big farm owners protect their precious land. Exploiting the natural resources by the Fortune500-Companies, but closing the eyes when people suffer around the mines and oil-pipelines.

    This is all still reality in the 21.Century. What is so wrong about asking these questions? How could I be so rude to spit in your Coffees? I apologize and stop right here.

    BTW: I love a good discussion. I like exchanging arguments and I have no problem if I am proven wrong. I care about issues, not Ego. [A]