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View Thread: WPF still optional on Vista?
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    John Melville-- MD

    Am I the only one who gets it here?

    It seems that for every microsoft operating system I've seen released since DOS 4.0 (which really was so bad people were downgrading to 3.5)  there is some loud but insignificant group of naysayers announcing that there is insufficent "meat" in the product to justify an upgrade.  (The first that I recall was a PC Magazine artice "I will not upgrade!," about MS-DOS 5.0)

    And yet OS after OS after OS continue to be a considerable success.  There have been no mass defections to apple or *nix, despite very active communities on both these platforms.  Even the abomination that was windows Milenium Edition did not seem to be enough to hurt Microsoft's brand image or stock price.

    So in summary, if you don't want to upgrade, please don't.  Windows XP will still be supported for another 9? years for security patches.  Your dissatisfaction that Microsoft shared some ambitious goals and then did not achieve all of them does not make the current incantation any less of an excellent platform.

    For those of us who have been arround this block more than once, we've just heard it too many times!