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    Well my Digital LifeStyle consists of:

    Pathfinder: Shuttle SN95G running an AMD64 3200+ with 512mb (Main workstation [WinXP]) on a 19" LG TFT
    Prometheus: Shuttle SN45 V3 running an AMD Semprom 2800+ with 512mb (MCE 2005) on a 28" Thompson CRT TV (Hopfully chnging that to a 26 or 27" HDTV this year).
    Delta_Flyer: Orange SPV C500 (current phone but considering changing it to if the UK ever get it on orange) to the M3000 [also known as the HTC Wiwzrd]).
    Puddle_Jumper: Old PDA, hardly used as the SAT NAV receiver or port has broken

    PC<somerandomnumber>:Work laptop... dontcare what it is... it's too slow!
    Voyager: My laptop... slow and hardly used... in fact it's at a friends house....
    Enterprise:Homebrew P4 2.53GHz (Northwood B Sad) with 512mb RAM, this is current the table that hold my kettle and coffee.... was going to be used as a server.. but... haven't had the time... and it's too loud! I was going to use the SN45 as my server... until I realised it had more potenial as my MCE box.

    oh and an XBOX... I really should get a 360... but not at the current prices!

    Well now that my stuff out of the way, butalso we have, a 26" (pre HDTV) LCD TV (although it does have a DVI port... so might give it a try). A Phillips DVD recorder, 2 random makes of VHS (probably sony and awia) another Package PC from that dreaded company (PC World [UK]).

    All i need now is a house of my own, a windows/linux/unix based home security/control system, electronic door locks, lots of HDTV's, a good way of getting rid of STB's and just use MCE. A kitchen that can invoke a function of the fridge to supply the oven and hob with food to cook me healthy meals (other than the ones I create atm). Oh and mulibillions of pounds to pay for all this stuff!