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IE7 and MELL

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    Just thought I'd post here and see if anyone else has had problems with IE7 and Microsoft E-Learning Library.

    We have our own server here at work that I look after and I just tried using it with IE7b2p and get the following error message.

    "Unable to initialize viewer....General Exception"

    I'd have an image included but the screenshots I have taken are getting screwed up uploading to my server somehow.

    MELL works fine still with IE6 so I'd say it's an IE7 issue but thought I'd check first.

    Also, before anyone asks, yep have turned on to allow pop-ups and active-x for our domain sites.

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    This will not help in your case, but I had a similar problem and googled to this place.

    I have had this problem with IE6, I got the error message;

    "Unable to initialize the viewer. If you have installed the viewer to your computer, please re-run the Setup program. If you are accessing the viewer from a server, please contact your System Administrator"

    I found this link;!7B84B0F2C239489A!263.entry?_c11_blogpart_blogpart=blogview&_c=blogpart

    Explains if SQL2005 is installed you will get this error.

    I do not have SQL2005 server installed, but I do have enterprise manager 2005. That is probably enough to stuff it up. It is caused by a conflict with msmxml6.dll.

    Solution: unregister that dll. Note this will probably break SQL so you might want to just use a different PC to access MELL.

    Edit: this might work

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