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Borland is a partner of Microsoft, not a rival, MS unnecessary to...

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    Microsoft starts to speed up expansion when Borland is going to sell their IDE product lines, it's obviously MS want to dig Borland developers who made the IDE products (include great Delphi), we as developers all know the IDE products doesn't worth any dollars, but the developer does.
    Today I still want to say NET is the root of evil, in fact, .NET shoot Borland IDE products down, and it definitely puts MS into a terrible situation, the Justice Department, EU… all of them would like to split MS as same as beefsteak, now they got a good chance.

    Note that the default meaning of .NET in here is point to WinForm only.

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    Before bark on .NET you should study the history:

    The huge part of Borland always was with Anders Hejlsberg. I would say that Anders Hejlsberg + Philip Kahn = Borland. Now, when both of them are gone, Borland is just a name.

    Borland lost its track long time ago, when they renamed it to Inprise. And Anders is still making IDE and programming language for developers. It called Visual Studio and C#.

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