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    11th hour crisis: RealServer license expired

    We have a bit of a crisis on our hands re the webcast for the conference. We have a full RealServer license that expired yesterday (praise Murphy) and now we're 1. Trying to get Real to re-up (it was a contribution, Berkman is a non-profit) or 2. Find someone with a RealServer who can reflect for us. If you can help, please post a note here.

    # Posted by Dave Winer on 4/15/04; 6:35:12 PM - Comments [4] -- Trackback [0]

    Our system managers say that setting the clock back is not an option.

    Kevin, it's up to Jay McCarthy to figure out what to do. Please help any way you can. Thanks.

    Dave Winer • 4/15/04; 9:26:30 PM

    Dave, why don’t you at least take responsibility for the laps in server license instead of referring to a factious Irishman?

    Only this past week we learned that GWBush got a warning briefing 8/9/01; “Ben Laden Determined to Attack Inside the United States” yet he refuses to accept ANY responsibility for what happened on 9/11/01 George Tenet, the director of central “intelligence” also received a warning briefing in 8/01;“Islamic Extremist Learns to Fly”, but he could not remember so is “not” responsible. I wish we could set the clock back to 8/01, but that is not an option. So please Dave, take responsibility and pay for another year of RealServer, or you could install Windows Server 2003...

    paul • 4/16/04; 9:06:33 AM