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'Cut', 'Copy', 'Paste', and 'Strip Formating and Paste'

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    Longhorn wishlist item: 'Strip Formatting and Paste'.

    Countless times a day I copy text from different programs and the internet and, before pasting the text into another program, I first paste it into Notepad to strip the formatting and then copy the text again. Can't someone come up with a way to build that simple process into the paste functionality?

    i.e. Ctrl-V for simple 'Paste' and Ctrl-somekey for 'Strip Formatting and Paste'.

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    err but MS Word 2003 allows this, when you paste something it allows you to keep it the same as where pasted, or change to the how the document is formatted or keep text only.

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    Could you imagine if they made notepad a rich text box.. we would never get stuff looking like we want it. :-/

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    I have to agree here. I have customized my Word and Excel context menus to include "paste as plain text" but it would be so nice if I could paste into any app using a special key combination without having to jump through hoops like that (or having to first paste into Notepad).

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    Here Here! I would also find that very useful. Too often I copy something from Outlook (email) that was formatted in either RichText or HTML and end up pasting it into a plain text app and end up with a total mess...

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    Here's a free tool that does exactly what you're asking for:


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