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How do I download a MSDN Webcast in WMV format w/o all this Live Meeting Replay stuff?

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    I want to watch the Introduction to 3d Video Game Development Webcasts from MSDN. On the main page it said I would be able to just download the WMV's.  I've gone through half a dozen screens, registered, provided phone #'s and addresses, yadda yadda yadda and now it is telling me I have to download and install Live Meeting Replay for offline viewing.  So I click the link and it is downloading some generically named downloadLMM.wmv.

    This interface totally sucks and is confusing.  I just want to download all the webcasts in WMV format so I can watch them in a window on my laptop while I work!

    So what am I downloading now?  I guess I can wait and find out what happens when I click on the mystery wmv.  Its downloaded a couple megs and is still going but Firefox isn't reporting a total filesize so I have no idea if it is 10mb or 100mb.  Is it an installer for Live Meeting Replay?  Is it one of the WMV's that launches an installer in the background?   What is Live Meeting Replay format?  Should it have a different extension than WMV?

    edit:  Ok, this is ridiculous.  I have to click and Register for _every_ single one of these?  And provide a screen name even though they are archived and not "Live"?  Forget it, this is not worth the trouble...

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    I've not tried to download the new webcasts, but if that's the case than I have to agree that it doesn't worth the trouble.

    I think that the producers of the Webcast may just want to try the DRM stuffs, but aren't webcasts are supposed to be better to spread amoug developers? So why don't just let us download to good old WMV format and let us play at whatever ordinary players?

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    Well, the file that came down was a WMV file of the session.  So at least I figured that part out, but it seems like the webcasts are just a lead generation system.  I unchecked the box to let "partners" send me stuff, so I hope I don't get any junk mail ads for DigiPony Technical Institute or whatever the name was.

    In any event, someone at Microsoft should consider doing some usability testing on the MSDN Webcasts site and fix it.  At the very least make the filename for the download unique, and make the link title say it is the session WMV file instead of the Installer for Live Media Replayer.

    I downloaded 2 of them but I'm not going to freakin click through the whole sign up process for the whole set.  It made me sign in with a Passport account anyway, so why can't it just pick the info up from that?

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    z33driver wrote:

    edit:  Ok, this is ridiculous.  I have to click and Register for _every_ single one of these?  And provide a screen name even though they are archived and not "Live"?  Forget it, this is not worth the trouble...

    I agree.  I've blogged about this and talked to some folks at MS about it - but haven't seen much progress.  They really need to take a page from YouTube, VideoBomb and just about every other video download service out there.  Give a link - click to play - be done.

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    Whilst I am on my innovation trip Billh can add that to his project.

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    The audio quality is often very poor or may not work properly at all. When you mention it, they ask to CALL there! I gave up on registering to the Live webcasts for now until they switch the software & codecs. And if they used W*Foundations, it might even be pretty good...

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    Ok, I'm grateful for all the free training/marketing. But I watch a lot of webcasts and all the steps needed to finally get the thing on screen just drives me nuts. Multi step registration for every event, logging in, providing sceen name, click here, click there, yada yada - every single time - is this really necessary?

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    Why don't they dog food some .NET and build an interface to wherever these videos are stored (SQL Server?  Filesystem?) that pulls them all together in the Channel 9 Media library and have a Webcasts section of the Media library right here?

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    Got to agree with most of the comments here.

    Good stuff often gets posted but the whole thing is too cumbersome to use and assumes you're listening live rather than downloading the event.

    Poor sound quality seems to be the norm too.

    Has anybody ever got it to work with IE7? I just keep getting a warning screen telling me I need to talk to my network guy about firewalls or ActiveX controls not being downloadable even when the firewall is off and ActiveX options say "Yeah I'm happy for people to screw my PC - go ahead!"

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    Hello, peoples... My name is Bryan Baker and I'm the marketing manager for MSDN Webcasts (between myself and another great guy, Darren we run MSDN Webcast program) and I just wanted to let everyone know that we hear you loud and clear. 

    In fact we were in a meeting talking to a group yesterday about what options might be out there.  The group that handles the technology for some of the stuff you're probably familiar with (vbtv, msdn tv, .net show, blah blah blah), we definitely have heard this several several times.

    So to be completely upfront one of our success metrics is number of users and some of the various data we request laid against the aggregated viewing numbers... so here's a question for those of you reading this thread... what would you think of site where you logged in once initially (basically same registration form that is out there now) and then you had access to the WMVs for downloads?  I have no idea how we would implement this, but I just want some reactions.

    WE DEFINITELY CARE... Let me know your thoughts... or feel free to email at


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    I think it should be self-evident that if MS's goal is to get as many developers as possible to view the archived Webcasts, they should make then as easy to download and view as any other video file.  There is simply no point in registering as a "participant" for a Webcast that has already been finished and recorded, and using the Live Meeting format with all its links is a big pain even for Webcasts that are live, much less those that are recorded.  Put a WMV file out there and be done with it.

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    BryanBak wrote:


    I personally think you should keep it the way it is for a live broadcast, but smoothen the process from me finding out about the show to me watching it and asking questions should be streamlined.

    But for offline broadcasts if people are willing to forego the extra features like questions and stuff of that nature; There should be some kind of client program that connects to a backend server where I can search by topic and subject and with a single click I can either stream it in the program(i'm sure there is someway to use mediaplayer in a program) or download it to my harddrive.

    Or people can do it the old way but more streamlined like I suggested.

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