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View Thread: How do I download a MSDN Webcast in WMV format w/o all this Live Meeting Replay stuff?
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    Hello, peoples... My name is Bryan Baker and I'm the marketing manager for MSDN Webcasts (between myself and another great guy, Darren we run MSDN Webcast program) and I just wanted to let everyone know that we hear you loud and clear. 

    In fact we were in a meeting talking to a group yesterday about what options might be out there.  The group that handles the technology for some of the stuff you're probably familiar with (vbtv, msdn tv, .net show, blah blah blah), we definitely have heard this several several times.

    So to be completely upfront one of our success metrics is number of users and some of the various data we request laid against the aggregated viewing numbers... so here's a question for those of you reading this thread... what would you think of site where you logged in once initially (basically same registration form that is out there now) and then you had access to the WMVs for downloads?  I have no idea how we would implement this, but I just want some reactions.

    WE DEFINITELY CARE... Let me know your thoughts... or feel free to email at