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When are these security holes going to be patched?

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    Shining Arcanine

    Excluding 3 of those security holes, all of them belong to Microsoft, when are they going to be patched?

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    Unfortunately, we don't give dates for security fixes. We try our best to ensure quality (I'm in test, so I get my hands dirty with this sort of thing), and that means being willing to push a ship date until the fix is correct and as close to regression-free as possible. Sometimes a two-line code fix can have implications for hundreds of thousands of code paths. It would look pretty bad if we publicly slipped a fix three times.

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    Ah, man... And all this time I thought you guys wrote code with Magic Wands.  Smiley

    Seriously, thanks to you guys working in test for taking the time to analyze this stuff.  I'm sure it's a thankless job.

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