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.NET 2.0 in a FDA validated environment

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    My marketing guys are asking me for information that I don't have.  I had a couple of questions:

    - Is there anyone or any group at Microsoft that owns the Pharma vertical market who would be an appropriate contact that I can put my marketing guys in touch with?  We are talking big ticket sales that could be big wins for MS for the platform too.  Can I connect you guys together?
    - We are doing our first customer rollout of our new product version soon (if I ship it Wink) into a fully validated environment.  Are there any other known examples of .NET 2.0/SQL Server 2005 implementations in a validated environment out there (21 CFR Part 11)?  I'm looking to give my marketing guys more "ammo" and examples if they are available.
      Our current customer is on board and excited to get the product.  I'm looking more for data that I can give my sales and marketing guys to both identify potential objections and overcome them in future accounts.

    I am not a sales alien but I know enough about sales and marketing to be dangerous, and I know that I don't know accurate answers to the above to give my marketing folks.

    Taking advantage of the new Microsoft technologies like .NET 2.0, SQL 2005, SCOAB, XAML, etc. was the only possible way of delivering the required features in the aggressive timeframe I was given.  It has worked out extremely well all things considered, but the disadvantage is it is causing some skittishness with the sales aliens.

    Big pharma companies seem to tend to be very conservative with their technology.  Our product suite practically sells itself to the people whose needs it fulfills, but the way the account landscape usually plays out is the right folks want the solution but it has to navigate through the political minefield and achieve buy-in from IT etc.  My goal is to supply my marketing people with the right information so they have an easier time getting that buy-in.  Right now the sensitivity with my marketing people is with the .NET 2.0 platform and whether it will get resistance due to validation concerns.

    I don't want to do all of marketing's research for them, as I have a product to ship, but I would like to collect anecdotes, contacts, links etc. that I can compile and pass off to the marketing people so they can educate themselves and proceed.

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