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Service Agent Block

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    I was just listening to the recent ARCast Podcasts and they are talking about a possible Service Agent Block that will replace the Offline Application Block based on "learning" that has occurred since its release.  But no real details came out of that.

    Its been a few weeks, any further details?  We are using the Offline Application Block heavily as the foundation for some key capabilities in our smart client tablet application.  We moved it to .NET 2.0 and enhanced it for our needs.  I've never been entirely happy with it... but I haven't had the time or resources/staff to invest into it more.  It has been working great for me but I've found it to be quite "heavy" when loading/initializing etc., and I've had to debug a number of "mystery errors" in it.

    I'd love to see a video going into more detail with the team from patterns and practices doing the reference implementation, and maybe more info on the P&P C9 Wiki site.  I'll have to go back and listen to the Podcast a couple more times, the guy is a fast talker and I don't recall if he mentioned the specific application they are creating for the smart client reference implementation from which they are planning to derive the Service Agent Block.

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    Still haven't seen anything... they mention Feb. in the Baseline Architeture Toolkit podcast 

    I find it all very useful.

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