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Vista and VirtualPC on the ICBMs

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    So, XP won't boot on an ICBM (Intel Chip Based Macintosh). Has anyone tried (or heard of anyone trying) to boot Vista on an ICBM?

    Second question.

    Any word on an ICBM-native version of VirtualPC?

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    No, I've never heard of anyone trying to boot Vista on a missile...  it's against the license agreement to use beta software in a production environment, much less such a dangerous one.

    But, seriously, Vista won't (yet) boot on an Intel Mac because EFI support isn't complete in the most recent CTPs.  They will do it eventually, though:  they just have to get Microsoft to finish up EFI.

    (who calls an intel mac an ICBM? Wink )

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    CannotResolveSymbol wrote:

    (who calls an intel mac an ICBM? Wink )

    According to Steve (the crazy one -- no, the other crazy one, with with black shirts), the new MacBooks are the bomb.

    I plan to get one. My ideal scenario is being able to run XP in VMWare/VirtualPC on it, so when I just have to run *insert program here* (okay, MapPoint), I can -- at "full speed". Dual-booting to run Age of Empires 3 and Rise of Nations would be cool as well.

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