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Corrupt media player 10?

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    Whenever I try to connect to http or mms streams media player won't connect.  I've tried with streams that are 100% guaranteed working and with an open connection to the net.  It won't even connect to my local win2k3 media services Sad

    I can't re-install media player because i'm running mce 2005 which comes with media player 10 Sad  Any ideas how I could sort it, as I'm pretty sure it must be some sort of corruption causing the problem.

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    You could try running 'sfc /scannow'

    You need your original cd and any service packs need applying after you have run it.

    C:\>sfc /?

    Microsoft (R) Windows (R) File Checker Version 5.2
    Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

    Scans all protected system files and replaces incorrect versions with correct Microsoft versions.


    /SCANNOW        Scans all protected system files immediately.
    /SCANONCE       Scans all protected system files once at the next boot.
    /SCANBOOT       Scans all protected system files at every boot.
    /REVERT         Return scan to default setting.
    /PURGECACHE     Purges the file cache.
    /CACHESIZE=x    Sets the file cache size.

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    Edit: Double post

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    What about a firewall blocking a certain port to MP?

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    Well i'll give that sfc a bash later on, meanwhile i'm 100% sure my firewall is all good, as I only have windows firewall enabled and theres one that blocks external access but thats a hardware box connected to my server.

    Also there's absolutely nothing to stop wmp communicating with the internal media services. It's been like this literally since the day I installed, the day before I had XP Pro and it worked Sad

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