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Why not?

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    To this day, I still don't understand why Microsoft doesn’t join the science field? Plus why doesn’t Microsoft explorer more in to wireless then home desktops, I am not say Microsoft  doesn’t but we “as the generation x would be the last group of people to know what is a telephone wire, think about it. Why not do the same thing as Google and leap head and start something new, like Gps-www or something of that kind?

    I am not crazy about issue, just asking why?Tongue OutWink

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    Have you been drinking?  Tongue Out  ...sorry, just having a hard time comprehending your post.  Are you asking "Why doesn't Microsoft do something that disrupts the marketplace?"

    Check out Microsoft Research.  There's plenty of interesting "next gen" and some just plain weird stuff they're working on.

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    There was that channel9 vid about them researching HIV...

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