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    Charles said:
    JoshRoss said:
    Charles wrote:
    This is something we really want to provide (and have for quite some time), but we haven't had the ability to just get it done. We will address this. You have my word.


    Wow. I made that remark over 4 years ago... So much for my word, eh? Lame.


    I'm having a hard time accepting how fast time is flying by... 4 years? This is still something that people request and it's still something we talk about doing. Dan and Jeff will have to make the call. It costs time and money and we certainly can't do it for all of our content. The question then becomes which pieces of content do we subtitle and why?


    No, the real question is, which MSR team do you hit up for the latest in voice/language recognition tech so you can make captioning completely automatic.  Wink