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Sex Week Launches at Yale

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    a !

    Tongue Out Welcome to Sex Week at Yale, a biennial celebration that has become one of the most provocative campus events in the country.Organizers say Sex Week gets students talking about sex in a way that's more relevant than middle-school film strips, more honest than movies and television, and more fun than requisite college health lectures."To get people's attention, we do have to do things a little risque and a little different than other sex education programs," said junior Dain Lewis, who was inspired to direct Sex Week 2006 after attending the 2004 event.Yale's event, which ends Saturday, includes lectures from dating specialists, a sex therapist and a discussion of homosexuality with a former Roman Catholic priest. More provocative sessions include a panel of (I need to watch my language) stars and stripping lessons from a Playboy Channel hostess

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    What are those dinosaurs doing in your avatar, anyway?

    Tongue Out

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    I bet most of the people at this event are huge geeks.

    Geek 1:
    Ohh, that's what that looks like.

    Geek 2:
    Yeah!!! Don't you remember when we talked in on your mom?

    - Steve

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