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A second round of search engine subpoenas...

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    ... may be coming, but this time from the ACLU, so they can "fight" the previous subpoenas from the Justice Department.


    Yay for the invasion of privacy by private groups in the name of fighting invasions of privacy.  At least you could argue the Justice Dept. had the right to get the information they did.

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    the article wrote:

    The Justice Department has disclosed nothing about what it plans to do with the records from search companies, except to say it has hired Philip Stark, a professor of statistics at the University of California at Berkeley, to evaluate the search logs.

    Benjamin Disraeli wrote:

    There's three kinds of lies; lies, damned lies, and statistics.

    What purpose is being served with this analysis, given it's been mandated by the courts? Something we know or something we don't know? General profiling of U.S. citizens? Good boy, bad boy list? What are they doing anyway?

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    My question's not what the Justice Dept.'s doing, it's what the ACLU's doing with the data.  They have no more right to that data than the Justice Department, and probably much less of a right.

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    Isn't their point that our privacy is at stake and people like me will want to know (make big noise)? They exist to insure the government doesn't turn into a totalitarian dictatorship overnight. Yes, that makes them look like the enemy, but they aren't.

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    It is my understanding that there is no personal information in these search engine records. So is all this fuss just due to ignorance?

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