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Vector Import filters in Expression needed? (sparkle)

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    i have been playing with expression interactive designer and have a couple of questions / comments:

    first off - i like it Smiley


    how about adding regular " file / import   and file / export  options - instead of " project / add item

    second - it would be great to have more vector support on import - currently there is ...none!?  *if im doing something wrong let me know

    would love to have option of importing:

    coreldraw - .CMX
    autocad  .DXF
    illustrator  .ai
    windows   .wmf
    windows  .emf
    * id love corel default   .cdr (hey i can wish cant i Wink)
    (also  mpg,mp3,..?)

    also - cut and paste does not work between coreldraw or ilustrator and expression

    - other stuff -

    - the default for text should not be a form box (making you manually go turn off padding and border and re-setting bg colour ... it should just be text - floating - empty bg - no border (like every other program in the world (ha)

    - some sample projects
    i would love it if there were some sample  .wba  (web browser appliction files to play with / open.
    Building and testing project also seems to error quite a bit - usually about a line of text in the .cs file 

    - its hard picking colours in the triangle - maybe make a circle like most other apps

    all in all a very interesting application... 


    it would also be great if there was an export to SWF (flash) option
    I know corel licenced swf for Rave (now discontinued) so it isnt impossible ( export to avi / wma etc too)

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    completely separate from above post - this is the weirdest app ever - its half geek code half designer wysiwyg.. which half will win the most features!  how can you possibly appease everyone? haha

    edit:  - 4 more quick things:

    1. .wba or .xaml files - whatever is needed to view these - without expression - should come with the program - a plug in for ie6 or a plugin for windows .  Currently this is set in windowsxp to open with "Presentation Host" - but it doesnt support it

    2. save as webpage - this is mainly what id use - grab all objects and stuff used and export to folder with asp or html file to open

    3. perhaps add an "insert" item to the main top menu - then just steal frontpages insert items  ( html, page, object, active x, etc)

    4.  why pixels only? why not inches - 8.5 x 11 doc for printing - also could double as code/xaml / metro? doc?

    last edit - wpf "e"  (win presentation foundation everywhere)  more info on this?   

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    ps - the reason for needing import filters is - just as with flash - most of the work is done in illustrator or corel - then either copy/pasted or imported into flash

    yes - flash - like expression - has the ability to do all this itself -but many designers ignore that UI - and use one they are accustomed too. 

    so as much as the included drawing stuff rocks - just like flashes tools - i imagine most designers will be looking to make stuff how they know best -  in other apps - then - export that to expression...

    so...whats the best format? (vector...)

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    Hey Jamie,

    I have been playing with EID a bit as well.  I too think it is pretty fantastic although I am a programmer without any graphics skills to speak of (I just really like graphics.)

    If you post your suggestions to the Expression Interactive Designer Forum someone from Microsoft will read them.


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    Hey Jamie,

    While EID doesn't have any file importers at this time you can use Expression Graphics Designer to export XAML (native format of EID) or Mike Swansons Adobe Illustrator to XAML exporter

    Cheers, Clint

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    Acrylic can't open Adobe Illustrator files either...  it can do Photoshop and WMF/EMF, but it would be nice if it could import more formats too.

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    hey thanks! 

    ..but still... 
    this (.ai) - and more - should be in there already...  buy plugin provider? buy others/more?

    edit: or BUY COREL  [y]

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    manuel - you around? Wink

    just wondering if there will in fact be more import filters..

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