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    W3bbo wrote:
    FXEF wrote: It doesn't matter that the Adobe plug-in is better. The average joe IE user is not going to install a plug-in to view web graphics, they need to be rendered by the browser. Until IE supports SVG, it would be senseless to use them in webpages.

    Actually, the "average joe" user does have Adobe's plugin installed, it comes with Acrobat Reader.

    We only have one web app (that I know of) that I know of that uses SVG, and we have had to manually install the Adobe SVG plugin on any machine that uses it.  All machines have Acrobat Reader installed, so either our installer group has excluded the SVG support or it is not there.

    In any case, Adobe is discontinueing its SVG plugin, and it is not 100% compatable with Vista.