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View Thread: What is your favorite movie?
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    Ion Todirel

    Manip wrote:
    Some good films (in no real order):

    - Awakenings
    - Lord of the Flies
    - Rudy
    - Good Will Hunting
    - The Fog Of War (Documentary)
    - The Last Samurai
    - American History X
    - I Am Sam
    - Good Morning, Vietnam
    - The Karate Kid
    - Battle Royale
    - Rain Man
    - Braveheart
    - Seven
    - Titantic
    - Homeless to Harvard: The Liz Murray Story
    - The Matrix
    - The Blair Witch Project
    - American Pie
    - Lord of the Rings
    - Catch Me If You Can
    - Pirates of the caribbean
    - Top Gun
    - The Last Castle

    et al

    Some bad films:

    - Antitrust
    - Recruit
    - Final Destination
    - Scary Movie
    - The Exorcist

    yes Matrix, i forget about it, good movie, but you put Recruit in the bad list, why?