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Project Gotham Racing 3 - Mix 06

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    Just a reminder that I will be hosting the Mix06 circuit again in about 20 minutes (8pm GMT every Sunday).  Everyone welcome, especially newcommers (I am crap).

    Send an XBOX live to CaptainWalker to join in the race that takes you past 3 different views of the Venetian in Las Vegas (where Mix06 is being held), or just drop in to Gotham TV to watch the spectacle!


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    Sure, you find a way for me to actually acquire a real Xbox 360 and I'm there.

    Impatiently waiting... and somewhat disappointed at the whole Xbox 360 launch.

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    amotif - you are based in Seattle, and you say you can't get a 360?

    Have you tried Best Buy and Circuit City?

    In all seriousness, I'm a little surprised, we had it tough in the UK before Xmas but anyone with any determination can get one now.

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