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What Microsoft should add to Windows.

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    Okay, first off I would like to say that I just join channel 9 like 30 minutes but I have been reading what you guys been saying for about 4 to 6 months. So I don't know if there is the right place to talk about it or not. I am a graphic design student that use a PC and Mac but I use my PC more which I will say why I do. I been hearing that Longhorn is going to be more graphical than XP. But as a graphic design student I would really like Microsoft to add some feature that would help the graphic user of Windows. I really think that Windows support PSD the photoshop file so that I can look at the image event if I don't have Photoshop. I know you can do this with illustrator files because I can preview on the preview screen of the window. It would be nice to have a program that would be about to view any image type even if you don't own the program, like PSD, AI, PDF and others that I can't think of on top of my head. Windows need to be able to open Mac only CDs because it's a real pain when someone give me a cd that was rip on a Mac and when I try to open it up, the CD can't be read. I been hearing about about WinFX but I have not heard anything about if you have to defrag the harddrive. I just hope it does not. Now to IE, which I think it's the easiest brower to use but there are a couple of thinks I think they should add. First porn blocker which I think it's a good idea to do because there are a lot of stuff that parents don't want there kids to see and if it was add on to it than they would not have to get a program. Virus protection, which there are a lot of good programs out there but most comes through the browser. A download manger that support multi ip downloads so you get twice the speed. It should support all the image format from PNG to PSD and be able to display 300dpi instead of only 72dpi. Now to icons, I believe that 64x64 is too small and think that atleast 512x512 would be a better choice which it will give you a better image at a bigger size and it would a twice the size of OSX. I would also think that Windows itselft should be more flexable on how it looks instead getting a program that makes Windows unstable and more than just changing the colors. I'm sorry if I type this in the wrong place but what I think Windows should add on. There are much more I think Windows shoud have but I don't think you want to heard what a graphic design student need to make him happy.

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    Adobe should make a preview psd program, that is not up to Microsoft.

    I don't wanna pay extra for windows because they need to pay Adobe licence money to use psd format in a preview program. Maby for u it is an extra to have it but is that also for the rest of the windows users? How many times a day would they use that? Sure some would use it but the user that uses his or her pc to surf the web would probaly not use it that often.

    Porn blocker could be a nice thing, but is the group of people that would use a function like that big enough to add it to windows?

    Virus protection in a browser. Norton Antivirus already does that as far as I know.

    A download manager that supports multi download stuff. I don't got a clue why this should be in windows. More and more people get broadband internet and it gets faster and faster. I don't really care if I download something at 80kb/sec or if the speed is 200kb/sec as long as it arrives at my place. I can understand that someone with dailup would be happy with such a function but how big is this group of dailup users. Big enough to let everyone pay extra for windows so microsoft can add this function.

    If u mean that the preview viewer should support all images at 300dpi then I wonder why the program is called preview viewer. I am not a designer so that is maby why I find this weird, but why should everyone that buys windows pay for a preview program that supports 300dpi instead of 72dpi?
    All image formats then u probaly get licence costs for some of those that make windows more expencive.
    Do I really want to pay extra for my windows package to get some exotic image format support in my viewer.

    I don't got a clue why I need icons of 512x512 pixels. My screen resolution is 1280x1024 that will mean I am able to put like 4 icons on my desktop and I am able to watch them while standing on the moon.
    1600x1200 gives place for like 6 icons.
    How many people are there that have such a high resolution that they can fit like 10 icons of 512x512 next to eachother?
    Sure a little bigger should be nice but once u get icons the size of your display are useless to me.

    How much do u want to be able to change?
    Co's most of these programs are able to change the complete look of windows. Maby even able to change the place of the next buttom on a window. I would get nuts if that next buttom isn't on the place where I expect it to be. I already get nuts if I am at a friends place where the start bar is on top of the screen instead of on the bottom place. Sure if u get used to the new situation this will problay change.

    The start bar is one of the most AMAZING things in windows, now u want this to be somewhere hidden on a screen because some freak made this spiderman theme where u need to press in the middle of the web to get the start bar. 

    I am not waiting to click on a hidden thing at a friends place to get my start bar.

    It's maby not so that u need to pay more if an extra function is added. But it will cost microsoft more for sure and someone needs to pay that. U got some good points but some are in my eyes things u like and are not like thing that are usefull for most of the users. If I play much games on my windows, I would like Doom3 intergrated in windows and like this amazing thing that shows my need for speed scores. I want this app that only got games stuff with links to my friends, fav. levels, etc, etc. All stuff that u as non game person probaly find useless, and tell me to find those as extra program that I install and should not be included in windows.

    Still it can be that u call some points that are killing but that are from my point of view useless. Like I don't use the Scheduled Tasks that often but there are probaly user that use it daily, etc.

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    The common 96dpi screen resolution should be a thing of the past in Longhorn. Applications are scaled according to your screen output, such as 200dpi IBM monitors. So you could also use high resolution graphics, that are scaled to the right proportion (accellerated by the graphics card in stead of off-screen software buffers (how it's done today in Windows)

    Check out Avalon at

    O I forgot to say: Welcome to the board Wink

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    Act1on Pack: This is not meant to attack you, but please please please could you use paragraphs when you write long posts like that. It makes it easier for us to read and understand your ideas. Smiley

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    There is a market for people like me that want these type of features. Apple have a preview program that can open up a psd, ai and other adobe products, to just view them. I don't think getting a license would be hard. Why would you need a multi ip download manger for when you have bandwith? Well, it's perfect for that. I can almost 500kps until 200kps in a lot of websites. The reason for 512x512 icon is that you can have big icons if you want and when you use big icon in Windows now, it's not that clean as Mac is. I also forgot about Windows need to update the font folder. It needs to be more advance and more like a manger folder. Because fonts are very important not just with graphic designer but for everyone that use Windows.

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    How big is that market?, big enough to add it to windows and let everyone that buys windows pay for the licence costs and pay for the programmer that is gonna add it to viewer?

    Getting the licence is not hard and I don't even know if it costs that much money, but why does Joe needs it in his windows while he ownly browses the web, does some video editing of his home videos with windows movie maker and uses word.

    There is probaly a small market for like a 3DSmax application in windows. But is that needed?, not if u ask me. Since most of the users will never ever use that function. Even a viewer for 3DSmax files would be useless, co's the group of ppl that wants to view those files is just too small.

    Can u explain to me why Joe the internet user will need a multi ip downloader? Joe is this user he just has internet he doesn't got a clue how fast it is.
    If I ask Joe if he uses a multi ip downloader he looks at me and thinks I hope he is not gonna kill me when my answer is wrong. He downloads some music from internet like wma or mp3, views websites with flash animations. All files are like less then 10mb. He is not like this 700mb files leecher. Maby he hits a 200mb files once in a while but not quite often. This kind of users I see pretty often in the computer shop where I work most of them are just browsing the web. There is not like this ultimate need for that sort of application. Sure it will be faster but on a file of 10mb then there is a not such a big time difference. It's not saving like hours for them, if they download from a good server then they already get maxed out.
    Sure if they download 1000 mp3 files then there is a difference, but how many ppl buy 1000 mp3 files at once and start leeching them.

    And I wonder how the hosting company will react, will they just disable multiparts downloads co's the server gets too much load if 2000 ppl go act like they are 6000 ppl.

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    So you are saying that Microsoft should not try to make the most advance OS in the world? So, it's ok that OSX is the most advance OS in the world and they only have 2% of the market meanwhile Windows has 90% of the market. Does not make any sense.

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    They do, and they try to do it better and better each new release. Only it's like when u go buy a car. I dunno if that is in each country the same but over here u can buy a :

    car on benzine
    car on diesel
    car on gas
    car on benzine with car radio tape
    car on benzine with car radio cd
    car on benzine with car radio minidisk
    car on benzine with dvd navigation kit 1 tft front
    car on benzine with dvd navigation kit 1 front 1back
    etc. etc.

    I just made up this list but u will probaly get the picture. Now I am a student and I have no money to pay for the "5 doors car on benzine with dvd navigation kit 1 tft" but I got just enough for the car on benzine. Both cars let me drive to school.

    The more advanced car also drives me to school only tells me how to drive. Since I know where my school is located, I will not really use that function. Since most of the ppl don't have that big budget to spend on a car they will probaly buy one of the first six cars.

    What u say now is that the car manufactor should only make the expencive car with all functions in it, add a tank for gas, benzine, and diesel to the car make this tape/cd/dvd/minidisc stereo thing in the car co's that is the best and most advance. When he starts doing that, he will loose so so many customers co's they don't got a that big budget.

    Sure it is something else when Mercedes puts it's high series of cars with the most advanced stuff inside. But those cars are targeted at a special group of people, the once with just too much money. Not the average person.

    OSX is targeting design people, so for u it might look like the most advanced OS in the world, u are that guy that is gonna buy the mercedes in the car story, the small targeted group. It can be that it would totaly suck in the eyes of a system administor.
    It's probaly not only targeting desing ppl but I use that too keep my story a bit simple.

    I am not saying that there should not be a psd preview program, I am saying it should not be in the OS. It should be an optional thing, either availible from Adobe or some other software company.

    OSX got 2% of the market, most people that own a mac work in the design sector as far as I know. If I come at some place where they design commercial stuff, they got this macs. So from that 2% there is probaly a big big group of people that uses like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark Express, etc on daily bases. So when they got 2 workstations and only 1 with photoshop that viewer should be handly.

    Then still there is this question on how many ppl own a mac that don't got photoshop installed. Or how many own a mac that don't like to use the file browser function from photoshop.

    But on the Windows OS this group of design people is just small comparing to the group of people that uses there pc to internet or something else.

    I personaly thing that making the most advance OS is not about putting as much as possible in it, but about putting the right stuff in it. I am not a Microsoft Employee, and don't know there route they wanna go, so maby they are already did research on this and discovered that they need to start adding this function to Longhorn or any other.

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    I'm intrigued by the fact that you are a graphic designer that uses a PC more than a Mac. (Ah, you're the one!!). But I was wondering if you can shed light on why Graphic Designers drift towards Macs instead of PCs. I've have quite a few friends who are graphic designers which simply give the "its better" answer.. But, nothing substantial other than that.

    I have heard one of them say something about "gamma", which I always thought was a function of the Video card, not the OS. Is there some limitation of the OS which makes Macs better for Graphic design? Or is it simply the software is unavailable (or downgraded) on a PC?

    I like some of your suggestions. But, I think we'll always have to defragment hard drives..., that is, unless you hardly use it. (Don't want to give a lesson on fragmentation: memory or disks Smiley )

    Just curious to hear your thoughts.

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    Jeremy W

    In a past life I was a graphic designer as well. Fairly high end. Big magazines, companies you know and love, etc.

    I hated the Mac.

    The simplest and most concise reason for why most graphic design students use a Mac? It's what they were trained on. It's what other graphic designers use. It's what's cool.

    Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying, since colour correction is actually more detailed on Windows than it is on the OS X platform. The default monitors that ship with Macs are definitely better than Windows, but the pricetag is also higher, and nothing's stopping you from getting a higher end monitor for Windows (or using the Mac one for that matter!).

    Overall, to each his own. I'm very, very productive in all the graphic design tools on Windows (even though Ihaven't done it professionally for more than 5 years).

    You function best at whatever you're good at, and since neither OS outputs more accurate micros or whatnot... It doesn't really matter. These days you can have Windows / Mac shops quite happily since all the major apps let you swap the files between OS's.

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    I think it is time to add version control capabilities to WinFS. I would like to assign VC attribute so you have to check-out file to modify one.

    WinFS could also save old version every time the file is modified.

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