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    Manip wrote:
    Not to attack or belittle Microsoft in any way - but for our own entertainment... What is the worst Microsoft product or service you ever owned?

    Well, I guess that would have to be the Windows Explorer. The reason for this is quite simple. I want to look at folders the way I want and I want to be able to look at 2+ folders in the same window at the same time. Aside this personal preference, I think the user experience is horrible. (Alternative: xplorer2)

    Manip wrote:

    And on a slightly more up-beat note, what Microsoft product far exceeded your expectations?

    I just recently started using InfoPath in my current project and I have to admit, it is capable of a lot more than I was aware of. Especially the interaction with Sharepoint is amazing.
    Another winner here would be IE7 (yeah, I know, it's still in beta). About a year ago, I was so tired of IE6, that I tried several alternatives and finally stuck with Firefox. After the latest IE7 release came out, I tried it and am hooked. I only start Firefox rarely to visit sites, I suspect of using malicous code.

    Manip wrote:

    And lastly, what is, in your opinion, the highest quality Microsoft product that does what it said it would do?

    In this category, the winner is: Sharepoint 2003. The reason for this is that Sharepoint delivers everything it promises. The main problem, IMHO, is the fact that people are trying to squeeze concepts, not suitable for Sharepoint, into the Sharepoint infrastructure. Later the same people start complaining that Sharepoint doesn't live up to their expectations.

    EDIT: After reading rhm post, I just wanna add that I also had to think a while about a really crappy program. Windows Explorer was the first to come to mind... after 5 or so minutes. Wink