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    Manip wrote:
    Not to attack or belittle Microsoft in any way - but for our own entertainment... What is the worst Microsoft product or service you ever owned?

    Well, not "owned", but certainly "used", Windows ME or Microsoft Bob for sure.

    But the Office 2003 help system is still high on my list of "bad things from Microsoft", I also have it in for Word's handling of drawings and objects.

    ...since I own Windows (or do I own a license to use Windows?) does that mean I also own IE? Because I'm certainly disappointed in it's developmental pace between 2001 and 2006.

    Manip wrote:
    And on a slightly more up-beat note, what Microsoft product far exceeded your expectations?

    Do "Microsoft Games" count? Because then I'd say "MechWarrior 3" (well, if it ran on Windows XP, that is). Although technically Microsoft owned FASA, who controlled the rights to the Battletech universe, the game was developed by Hasbro and published by Microprose (or something like that).

    I'd say I like Windows Media Player 9 a bit too, but it has it's fair share of problems:
    a) Excessive memory and CPU use compared to other media players
    b) Doesn't display length of MPEG video files in the playlist, even though this was reported numerous times during the beta.

    Oh, and Visual Studio 2003 of course (but the lack of the Visual Database Tools for SQL Server (rather than MSDE) in the Professional and Academic editions is a real let-down, I hope they add it back in SP1)

    Manip wrote:
    And lastly, what is, in your opinion, the highest quality Microsoft product that does what it said it would do?

    Probably the unreported MS Encarta series, although I dislike the "World English Edition"/"British Edition" they churn out sometimes. (Although I haven't actually used Encarta since 2003)